An opening consultation on your book idea is free. Before I can quote you a whole-project fee, we will need to discuss your book’s full scope and intent, but here are some guidelines.*

I am paid by retainer, beginning with project commencement, and at milestones in the progress of your project.
My fees are on an all-inclusive “writer-for-hire” basis. There are no extra fees or upcharges, excepting only the optional marketing and/or publishing assistance described below, and mutually-agreed-upon travel expenses, etc..

You will own the completed materials outright. I do not participate in future profits, film rights sales, etc.

A typical book turnaround time is six months, but I’ve completed some projects, including best sellers, even faster.

On the marketing side, pricing depends on whether you’re buying a recurrent service, such as a monthly email newsletter, a less-frequently recurring services, such as quarterly newsletters, or one-off services such as branding assistance.

On the editorial side, pricing depends on the length of the intended book, article, or other product, the foreseeable work needed to assemble materials, whether original research is needed, the travel requirements and similar considerations. Current rates are as follows:

* $45K to $60K for a brief book.

* $55K to $75K for a book of conventional length.

* $10K to $15K for a book proposal to market your book idea to potential agents and publishers.

* $20K to $45K to edit an already-written manuscript and elevate it to professional standards.

* $1K to oversee placing your manuscript with a creative, reputable and dependable print-on-demand publisher.

* $1K to oversee and implement attempts to secure agents and/or mainstream publishers for your book.


Set up a free consultation right now by emailing me at writeontherange@earthlink.net.