Getting Started

The ways we work together on your memoir or other book* can include telephone, Skype, and in-person meetings.

I will interview you, devise the best possible approach to maximize the impact of your book, then create exploratory drafts for your review. Sometimes things hit just right on the first attempt. Other times, the first draft starts a dialog that leads us toward our optimal path.

I work with clients all across the USA, and all around the globe.

I prefer to experience some face-to-face time with my clients, if only at the outset. But even working by long distance I am superbly skilled at tuning in to your unique wavelength. I can come to you, either to work on your project or for an exploratory conversation to help you decide on getting started. You pay only minimal travel expenses and a modest per diem.

I will evoke, and will effectively showcase, the great story material inside you. You primarily need to be asked the right questions by someone who thoroughly understands the dynamics of story-telling. I bring that skill package to my ghostwriting practice, along with a high degree of empathy and understanding. (A client who’s also a national-award-winning psychiatrist calls this dimension of my approach “a sixth sense.”)

 If you’d like to get started, please either jump to the Contact page, or simply email me at, or call 805/686-4323, Pacific Time.




* Projects to date have included sports, business, music, science, history, and cuisine, as well as memoir.