The Secret Ingredient

Music and language are intimate partners.  And they both have VIP passes into our brains. When words sing, they engage deep emotions to create vivid, lasting memories. This is why you’ll remember certain songs, poems, and books, forever.

My secret ingredient is musicianship. Each one of us has a unique form of music wrapped up in the way we express ourselves. . Through my extensive musical training and experience, I’m able to hear the music inherent in how you express yourself. Then I use what I hear to make your book sound just like you.



In addition to being an accomplished writer, I’m a performing musician.* I will weave into your book all the music woven in your words — your characteristic tonalities, rhythms, hints of melody, and distinctive word choices that define your unique personal voice. My attention to sonic detail creates distinctly personalized life on the page, helping me write the book, speech, or marketing materials you would create for yourself – if you had both the time and training to do it alone. That’s why my book with Wolfman Jack sounds like the Wolfman himself, my books with Pat Riley sound like Pat, and so on through every book collaboration I’ve ever done.



* The vintage guitars and ukulele pictured above are from my ever-growing collection of great American instruments. I also present a multi-media lecture/performance program called How to Get the Blues, detailing the African-American contribution to America’s musical heritage. My audiences range from elementary schoolchildren to high schoolers and collegians as well as museum-goers and Adult Ed students. This article describes a 2010 show.