I’m Byron Laursen,


one of America’s premier ghostwriters,
a New York Times bestselling author,
San Francisco Chronicle bestselling author,
an award-winning editor.

I specialize in writing memoirs or life stories.

Exceptional and accomplished people hire me to capture their personal history, individual milestones, life lessons and legacy, and/or subject-area expertise – whether to share with the whole world or privately with their own friends and families.

For most people, writing a memoir is a daunting task, maybe even a flat-out impossibility. But it can also be one of the most emotionally rewarding experiences of a lifetime — especially if you can get the right professional in your corner. Suddenly there’s less hard work, and the sweet reward of project fulfillment arrives much more rapidly.

As multiple NBA champion Pat Riley wrote to me in gratitude, “My thoughts found their expression in your words. Many thanks to a true Showtime Warrior.” *

With decades of experience and proven skills, I will coach you, interview you, and bring out the best of your unique stories and ideas. I will organize your thoughts and experiences to give your story the vibrant personality and fine polish it takes to be published in today’s demanding business world. Your book is truly important. Put it in capable hands.

Find out today how we can work together. Let’s talk about the process. How long will it take? How much will it cost? What guarantees can I give you? What kind of books have I written? What do my clients say about me? I know you have many questions. I will be happy to give you answers that work for you and your project.

Please explore this site. You will find out a great deal about the entire process, and about me as a writer and as a person, in just a few moments. If you like what you read and see, then if you’re truly getting serious about finally telling your story, give me a call for a complimentary assessment of all the possibilities. Please reach me Pacific Standard Time at: 805-686-4323, or by email at writeontherange@earthlink.net.


* Pat Riley’s rarely-awarded compliment for top-flight teammates who always give their best.

Sig, the autobiography of inventor-entrepreneur, Sigurd Wathne, recently won its author (and his proud ghostwriter) a silver medal at the Beverly Hills Book Awards competition!

Bev Hills Award

photo by E.K. Waller